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Areas of Service

Redmon Engineering Company is a consulting engineering company specializing in aeration and mass transfer.
Laboratory Services


• Fine Pore Diffuser Analysis
  • Materials Testing
  • Steady State Column Clean Water Oxygen Transfer Efficiency Testing
  • Product Development
    • Pre-Installation
      - Optimize Diffuser Selection For Specific Application
      - Estimate Diffuser Life
    • Post-Installation
      - Optimize Cleaning Procedures and Scheduling
    • Trouble-Shooting Aeration Systems
      - Diagnosing Problems
      - Identifying Corrective Measures


Clean Water Oxygen Transfer Efficiency Testing


  • Steady State Column Testing
  • Non-Steady State Shop Testing
  • Non-Steady State Field Testing


Field Evaluations


• Full Scale Offgas Testing
    • Direct Measurement of Existing Systems For:
      - Oxygen Transfer Efficiency
      - Alpha Factor
      - Oxygen Uptake Rate
      - Applied Air Rate
    • Side-By-Side Evaluations
    • Optimize Aerator Performance

• Steady State Mixed Liquor Column Testing
    • Determine Design Parameters of:
      - Alpha Factor
      - Oxygen Uptake Rate
    • Measure Performance of Mechanical Aerators


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