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Dave Redmon of Redmon Engineering Company is one of the leading minds in the field of aeration and mass transfer, with four decades of experience to back it up.


For the best results, work with the best people in the business of wastewater aeration.



Redmon Engineering Company is a consulting engineering company specializing in aeration and mass transfer.

Providing Laboratory services, Clean water oxygen
transfer efficiency testing, and Field evaluations.

Technical Publications

Paper 1


Doyle, M., Redmon, D., and Curtis, Betty Ann,

The Impact of Magnetite Ballast on Oxygen Transfer and Alpha

Paper 2


Sudhakar Viswanathan, Hao Pham, Robert F. Kelly, David T. Redmon, William



Evaluation of Oxygen Transfer Efficiency via Off-gas Testing at Full

Scale Integrated Fixed film Activated Sludge Installation


Contact Us


1 414 467 8993

Wisconsin Office
Redmon Engineering Comapny

3306 Rosewood Lane

Racine, WI 53404



Areas of Expertise


Laboratory Services


Clean Water Oxygen Transfer

Efficiency Testing


Field Evaluations


Research and Development



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